Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography represents a useful advancement in the tools we use to image our patients. Images can now be visually enhanced, magnified, and digitally shared with specialists to help us speed and focus treatment plans for your pets. These modalities also allow us to now immediately share results with clients in the exam room with the click of a button. All digital images are kept on file and can be easily transferred or copied if necessary.

Rivertown Animal Hospital has digital radiology available for studies of the skeleton, body cavities, and also dental studies and sinuses. Dental radiology is the gold standard for identifying tooth root changes (like abscesses) and alveolar bone loss. This gives us the opportunity to identify teeth that are painful or require extraction and also, if identified early enough, if the tooth can be saved with advanced endodontic techniques (example: root canal). Digital radiology allows for quicker patient assessments and reduces waste (both chemical and film) produced through older technologies.

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